Posted by: wxryanhall | August 13, 2014

Nice Dry Stretch

We are finally getting a break in the showers and storms here in EKY and boy did we need it. We are still going to have to deal with those pesky cool morning lows but other than that it is going to be a great week for the most part!

Today: Very comfortable day with lots of sunshine. High only topping out around 78 degrees.

Tonight: Clear skies with some fog developing late. Low near 55 degrees.

Tomorrow: Another great day featuring lots of sunshine. High around 80 degrees.

This dry stretch will last all the way through Saturday as a high pressure system pumps the sunshine out in full force. This high pressure will also be responsible for the continuing low temperatures. We will struggle to make it above 82 degrees over the next three days. Friday morning will feature a low near 53 degrees. So it’s still gonna be cool.

The humidity returns on Sunday as a low pressure system makes its way into the picture. It’ll swing by to the north and allow for some gulf moisture to infiltrate into the area. Here’s a look at Sunday and Monday on the GFS:

model day model day2

This will set the stage for another stretch of scattered showers and thunderstorms. This one will likely feature some high temperatures and humidity levels as well. So we will be getting another taste of summer before it is all done. I’ll leave you with the 7 day. Thanks for reading!


Posted by: wxryanhall | August 11, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away


Lots of places could be under the gun today as far as flash flooding possibilities go. If you have seen excessive rainfall over the past couple of days, make sure you keep an eye on those creeks and streams as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. The good news is that this is the last day we will have to worry about flooding for a while!

Today: 60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some could produce heavy rain. High near 82.

Tonight: 50% chance of heavy rain. Watch those creeks and streams! Low near 69 degrees.

Tomorrow: 40% chance of a lingering shower or thunderstorm. High near 81.

Be sure to watch those creeks and streams. Hopefully the NWS in Jackson will be quick to issue warnings in places that have seen a lot of rain over the past few days. Keep an eye on the radar too, you can always find it here:

The rain today will still be associated with that area of low pressure that had been spinning around here for the pas couple of days. It will actually get some movement to it and truck off to the east today and tomorrow. The NAM future radar is suggesting that it will try to stir up some strong storms as it forms a boundary when it paces off. Check out this image. This is around 8-10PM tonight.



There may not be enough energy for this to happen because of all the cloud cover and rain we will see during the day. Also, this is not THE cold front thats causing this line. It’s just some outflow from the initial LP. You’ll know the difference between these two boundaries Wednesday night as the real COLD front moves in and cools us off quite a bit.


We could be talking about record low temps for the 4th time this summer! Thursday morning will likely feature lows in the upper 40s in the valleys.

Well at least with the cool weather, comes drier weather… I’d rather be cold and dry than cold & wet. Here’s your 7 day forecast. Thanks for stopping by!



Posted by: wxryanhall | August 10, 2014

Same Old Story

It has been a dreary summer for the past few weeks across eastern and southeastern Kentucky. I mean, has anyone been able to get in the pool? This is one of the coolest summers I can remember and I do not like it one bit. Today and tomorrow and the following several days will feature more of the same crappy summer forecast.

Today: 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. The best chance comes after 2PM. Some storms could be slow movers and cause flash flooding. High near 82 degrees.

Tonight: 40% chance of lingering thunderstorms. Low near 65.

Tomorrow: More slow moving showers and thunderstorms. Expect heavy rainfall. High near 82 degrees.

The showers and storms today will be very scattered in nature but any one spot could lie under the gun for some training thunderstorms to drop a ton of rain in a short period of time and cause flash flooding. Keep an eye on the radar today:

Most of the rain will be focused on SE KY today.  A lot of that area was drenched in heavy rainfall yesterday. So for that reason, I have drawn a map that shows where I think there is an increased risk of flash flooding today.




A cold front will pass through during the beginning and middle of the work week to push this moisture out of the area. This cold front will bring in some chilly air. Check out lows on Wednesday night.



I’ll have more on the cold front and what it means for the rest of the forecast tomorrow. For now, check out your 7 day forecast:




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