What’s this site all about?

EKYWX or “East Kentucky Weather” (www.ekywx.com) is a website based around a blog that discusses short and long range weather for Eastern Kentucky. This site is for people who want a more in depth description of their forecast and for people who are interested in a more “fine tuned” forecast for their local area in Eastern Kentucky.

Who makes the forecasts?

Everything that gets posted on this blog, the Facebook page, and Twitter account is created by Ryan Hall. Ryan is a meteorology student from Eastern Kentucky (Pikeville). He has been a weather enthusiast for many years and this is his only outlet for weather forecasting. That is, until he makes big time on a TV network, of course ;)

If you wish to contact Ryan, click on the “Contact Me” tab above.

Am I included in EKYWX’s “Coverage Area”?

Anyone and everyone from all over the planet Earth is welcome to this site, however, I only do forecasts for a small area. My snowfall maps, severe weather maps, etc. will cover an area just west of I-65 all the way to Pike County. My discussion area is just a bit smaller. Whenever I do an outlook or text discussion for “our area” I’m talking about what’s traditionally known as “East Central” &  “Eastern Kentucky”. This isn’t set in stone, nor is it an actual representation of what area I’ll talk about on this site forever, but if I had to pick a coverage area it would look something like this:


When does the blog get updated?

  • Every day
  • Whenever a severe weather watch or warning is issued for our area
  • Any time forecast data suggests something different than previously discussed
  • Whenever conditions are rapidly changing and everyone is just dying to know what is going to happen next

Can I advertise on your website?

I don’t want the site to be covered in ads but for a small donation I would be happy to display a small banner for a business or product in the sidebar for a certain amount of time.

Why do you ask for donations?

Even though this website is hosted on WordPress, it’s not free! I pay $18 a year just for the domain name. Not to mention the $600 for all the image editing software. In order to remove all the pesky ads that go through WordPress, I’ll have to pay $20/month. It also costs money to have access to good forecast models.  I do all this for free and I lose some money in the mean time, so any donation helps to make the site better and keep it alive!

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