Posted by: ekyposter | January 26, 2015

Winter Finally Showing It’s Colors

Hey guys, long time no see! I’ve been on hiatus for a while due to multiple personal reasons but I’m back just in time for the snow. I’m going to do the blog a bit different from now on – I hope you guys like the new layout.

General Discussion:

This winter has been disappointing for a lot of folks here in SE Ky. We have not got our usual share of snowfall and every possible storm has in someway been a bust. As I’m typing this, we are getting some flurries here in Pikeville. This is associated with a storm system that passed to our north and is currently slamming the NE with blizzard conditions. A new system will give us another chance at some snow later tonight and into tomorrow.

Short Term Forecast:

Rest of Today: Snow showers will taper off by 5PM. Expect a high temperature of around 27 degrees.

Tonight: Slight chance of snow. Here’s the NAM future radar simulation, notice how the energy is weak and mostly stays off to the west.


Chances increase the further west you go. Little to no accumulation is expected. Watch out for black ice. Low around 20 degrees.

Tomorrow: Slight chance of snow showers before 3PM. Otherwise, cloudy with a high near 33 degrees.

Long Term Analysis:

After the current system moves out, we are looking at another piece of energy working its way into the area during the day on Thursday. I think this will start out as a rain event and then move over to a snow event. Here’s the GFS on Thursday:

The freezing line will drop further south into the evening and as long as the moisture sticks around, we could see some snow showers out of this.


After that, we will see a dry Saturday with a few passing clouds. A system will form to the west and work its way over during the day on Sunday. At the moment, it looks like a rain event. However, this is one that could possibly become a snow maker for us if we can get the energy to pass a bit further to the south.



Winter is certainly finally here, with more cold air in place, any moisture we see here in the near future has the potential to be frozen. Keep a close eye on next weekend’s storm. I think it has the potential to be a snow maker. Only time will tell.

School Closure Probability:

With a slight chance of snow tonight, we have reason to use the SCP module! Here’s the probability of school closures in EKY tomorrow:



  1. Thanks for the information Ryan, saw your posts on the accuweather forum and found your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey bud, glad to see you back!

  3. Welcome Back Ryan. Thanks for your thoughts keeping it real and not raising false expectations. I like the school closing probability graphic. I hope you can post regularly now.

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