Posted by: wxryanhall | September 17, 2014

Fall Is Coming

It’s a chilly 53 degrees outside right now. It’s around this time that those “fall is coming” feelings start to kick in and to me, those are good vibes.

Today: Mostly clear with a high around 72 degrees.

Tonight: Clear skies with fog around 4AM. Low near 50 degrees.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny with a high near 72 degrees.

For the next few days we will see a slow warming trend across the Appalachian region. Our highs will go from the lower 70s to the lower 80s.

The story for this coming 7 days will be a cold front that moves in during the SUN/MON timeline. We have the potential for a boundary to move through and drop temperatures. A nice shot of rain is also likely with this particular cold front. It will also be responsible for knocking our temperatures back down.

Here’s a look at that front on the GFS. As you can see, the precipitation factor won’t be all that big of a deal.


The front will be kicking in some cooler air from Canada. This will likely stick around for a while. Check out the temperature anomalies that are associated with the passing of this front.


Enjoy these remaining days of enjoyable “outside weather” while you can. We are not “close” to the bitter cold evenings of winter but I believe we will start seeing some of that chilly air sooner than later around the mountains. Stay tuned for more!

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