Posted by: wxryanhall | August 21, 2014

Flash Flood Threat

A heat ridge has set up to our west and we are right on the fringe where areas of cooler air can interact with this heat and cause rounds of showers and thunderstorms. Each wave of energy that forms is moving from NW to SE over Eastern Kentucky and dropping a TON of rain. Some areas have seen over 5 inches of rain over the past few days and there is a whole lot more water set to fall over some of the same areas. If you live in a flood prone area, make preparations that can help you in a flood emergency. Keep an eye on those creeks and streams!

Today: 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mainly after 3PM. Some could produce heavy rain and flash flooding. High near 86 degrees.

Tonight: 40% Chance of showers and thunderstorms. More heavy rain is possible. Low near 69 degrees.

Tomorrow: 50% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. High close to 90 degrees.

The radar is your best friend through the next couple of days. This tool will help you more than any forecast because you really can’t predict where these things will pop up. Locate your area and keep an eye out for storms. If you are having trouble locating your town on a map, shoot me a text message at (859)538-6746.

The HRR has been horrible with predicting these types of storms this year so take this image with a grain of salt. But it supports the idea of several storms popping up today.


There will also be a lot of outflow boundaries that come out of the intital storms that will have the ability to cause more storms. It will just be a wait and see type thing. Here’s a look at who has the most rain so far.


Just remember to keep an eye on those creeks and streams. Also stay tuned to EKYWX for more. Thanks for reading the blog!


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