Posted by: wxryanhall | August 18, 2014

Very Rainy Week Ahead

Hey guys this is going to have to be a quick update. The moral of the story is moisture! We have a lot of it and we are going to be in the “ring of fire” as a ridge of hot air builds off to the west. Basically, we are going to be talking a lot about rain for the next week or so¬†– be ready for that.

Today: Showers and thunderstorms. Some rain showers could be heavy at times. High near 80 degrees. Track the storms with this handy dandy radar from AccuWeather:

Tonight: More rain. Not as widespread. Some could still see some pretty heavy downpours. Low near 66.

Tomorrow: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High near 84 degrees.

This is all being caused by a ridge of heat that is building off to the west. This heat will interfere with some cooler air to our north and send complexes of showers and storms training over the area over the next several days. Here is a look at that setup:


Well that is all I have time for today folks. I’m sorry I’m not able to post as many updates as I would like but I try real hard! Be sure to follow my twitter & facebook pages for more frequent updates. Thanks!

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