Posted by: wxryanhall | June 13, 2014

COLD Front

We have been talking about non stop scattered showers and thunderstorms for the past two weeks now. Today, we can finally talk about a break coming up starting tomorrow!

We are getting a break in the rain chances tomorrow because a cold front will move through today. This cold front will likely cause some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, and it will leave us with some CHILLY temperatures for Saturday morning.

Today: Scattered showers and storms. Some could produce gusty winds. High near 78 degrees. Track the storms with accuweather radar:

Tonight: Cold front swings through. Winds could crank up as the boundary rolls by. We drop down to near 50-55 degrees for a low.

Tomorrow: We heat back up into the mid 70s and there will be no rain in the way of this nice day!

Check out the temps for tomorrow morning. This may actually be over-doing it for a lot of areas


The dry spell will last through Saturday and Sunday. Rain chances return on Monday but the chances are much lower than what we have been seeing recently. Things try to ramp back up by the middle of next week, but for now – enjoy it while you can.

My internet is acting up this morning so I will have to stop there. Thanks for stopping by!



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