Posted by: wxryanhall | April 29, 2014

Another Round of Severe Weather Possible Tonight

Severe weather brought lots of wind damage to parts of the area yesterday. Thankfully, the storms weren’t widespread and no one was hurt. The situation in Mississippi and Tennessee was absolutely disheartening as a ton of tornadoes caused unimaginable damage and loss of lives.

We have to watch out for more severe weather today as another wave cranks up to the south and moves over us. I think we have a better shot at some storms today since we will likely be clear for most of the day.

The more sunshine we get today, the more unstable the atmosphere will be. This unstable atmosphere will be jet fuel for storms as they work their way into the area. Hope for pop up showers and storms to dampen the air during the afternoon hours, it could help.

Here’s a look at the hi res NAM future radar and what it’s spitting out for later today:


This image is what the radar COULD look like around 6PM this evening. As you can see, I’ve circled some interesting indicators that seem to be storms that are popping up ahead of the main action. These could simply be scattered showers, or out of sync blips from misread data. However, it’s enough to get me worried about the possibility for some rotating thunderstorms or super cells popping up. It’ll be important to watch for these.


By 9PM we all have to watch out for strong storms. Flooding becomes a problem around this time as it is likely lots of areas will see training of thunderstorms. Check out the est rainfall:


1-3″ of rain will be likely for extreme SE ky. This will be higher in the areas that get an extra storm or two. Hopefully a flash flood watch is issued before the storms begin.

I’ll be at school and work all day today so I won’t be able to update again until around 9PM. Stay tuned and use the radars page for all kinds of perspectives and tracking. Thanks for reading!


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