Posted by: wxryanhall | April 25, 2014

Stormy End To April

Happy Hillbilly Days folks! If you’re gonna be in town this evening feel free to say hi. I’ll be at every funnel cake vendor at some point during the night. :D

We are dealing with some pesky showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. These will diminish as we head into the later hours. We will likely see some sunshine before the day is over with. Especially to the west.

Here is the regional radar so you can track these showers. There’s nothing severe out there, just some downpours and rumbles of thunder:

Next week we are gonna have a series of systems stall out over the area that will give us a couple chances of severe weather. The main threat here will be heavy rain. Check out this animation on the GFS.


As you can see, there is a lot of gulf moisture available. This means that there will be a lot of heavy rain. Notice how the low pressure system is just kind of dancing around over there in the Midwest and northern plains, this semi stationary LP will be what causes the flood gates for moisture from the south to open up.

Check out how much moisture the GFS spitting out through next week.


This will be interesting to watch over the weekend as the models continue to work out the kinks.

Stay tuned to the site, like I said before, I’m working on making this the best weather blog for the area so there are a lot of really cool changes coming up. Thanks for reading!






  1. Thanks for the update. Next week does look very interesting as far as heavy rain goes. But glad to see the tornado risk looks to stay mostly to our west and south (hopefully)

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