Posted by: wxryanhall | March 31, 2014

Full Week of Mild Spring Weather Starts Today

Spring is here this week in Eastern Kentucky and I think we are all going to welcome it! We’ve had a few nice days this March but nothing as consistent as this week will be. The beginning of the week will be the best.


Sunny with a high near 68 degrees.


Partly cloudy with a low near 44.


Partly cloudy and windy. High near 74 degrees.

Wednesday looks great too with more sunshine and mildĀ temps. Check out the cutoff to our north though:


With spring, comes thunderstorms. So, since spring is so present this week, of course we have a pretty good chance of seeing some severe weather towards the end of the week. Check out the GFS THURSDAY through SATURDAY:


The possibility for severe weather is there. Especially to our west. Temperatures will remain in the 70s during the entire round of storms. This particular run of the GFS keeps most of the moisture to our west – but we still have a chance at getting in on the thunderstorm action. Check out the total precip:



There is a pretty sharp cutoff of moisture there. Again, this doesn’t mean we won’t see any storms, we just wont get the bulk of the moisture.

Thanks for reading! I’ll have more tomorrow so be sure to check back in!


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