Posted by: wxryanhall | March 29, 2014

Snow Tonight?

So you probably saw snow in the title and though ” What the heck?” – and don’t worry, that’s a fine reaction. This WILL NOT disrupt our warm up for next week and the little chance of snow we have is very harmless in nature, lets break it down:


Showers and thunderstorms. High near 60. Heavy rain is possible. Track the rain and storms with the regional radar:


Rain changes to snow around 10PM-1AM. Low around 32. Little to no accumulation expected.


Lingering snow showers in the morning. High of 55 degrees.

The snow tonight is somewhat a “fluke” in our warming trend. This LP is actually going to have to try really hard to get enough cold air down here for the snow. I do not think the white stuff will stick around due to the warm air quickly returning but check out how much the NAM has falling over the area over the next 36 hours:


Remember that does not take into account how much will melt!

As we go into next week – we quickly return to the 60s on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we are back into the 70s! We will also have a couple more storm systems cut through here during the middle of next week that could give us some strong storms. I’ll have more on that tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by! I may update later today, but make sure to check back in tomorrow.






  1. good saturday evening from the town of wayne, wva…sorry for not commenting yesterday evening but i figured with all the rain coming and with an active saturday in store for lots of folks i would hold off until this evening to give an update so here it goes….rain actually started falling on friday morning and then we recieved some hazy sunshine friday afternnon and some spring like temps. to go along with the sunshine as highs did manage to make it to 70 or better in a few locations……we had a few rain showers yesterday evening but all in all a pretty quiet and mild night, what you would expect in march……..this morning was cloudy and dry until about noon and that is when the rain showers moved in and the temp. this morning was a mild 54 and that was our high for today and the low so far has been 42 cause temps. started falling when the rain started up this afternoon……so far we have had counting yesterday and today about 1.25 inches of rain in the ole rain gauge……currently ay 6:10pm the temp is 42 and falling with a stiff northwest wind….now we await the start of the snow to start falling which i am hoping will be our last brush with winter this season……i am kinda looking for maybe a couple of inches of snow by sunrise on sunday mainly on cartops, grassy areas and trees, certainly not a lot but just enough to maybe cause a few headaches in the morning and perhaps bigger headaches if it was a week day morning…….sorry this was so long but i had to put 2 days worth in on 1 long comment….may god bless and thanks for reading…i will post snow totals sunday evening if there is any to report……keep up the great work mr. ryan hall.

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