Posted by: wxryanhall | February 28, 2014

Winter Storm Watch

The National Weather Service in Jackson, Ky has issued a Winter Storm WATCH for all of eastern Ky from Sunday morning through Monday evening. Here’s the graphic



If this post is too long and you don’t care about all the weather mumbo jumbo (it’s quite interesting mumbo jumbo I must say) here’s a quick overview.

  • We start out as rain early Sunday morning.
  • The rain could switch over to a wintry mix Sunday night into Monday morning (this includes freezing rain).
  • Prime time for freezing rain would be around 7 AM Monday morning. I think a lot of people will see very heavy rain/sleet/snow around this time.
  • Areas north of a line from Berea to Jackson will switch over to all snow during the afternoon hours. This snow could certainly be heavy at times.
  • We all switch over to snow by Monday evening, and it all moves out before midnight.

OK now lets go into the mumbo jumbo!

The latest data suggests this low pressure system is going to pack quite a punch and explode right over the state of Kentucky. What’s odd about this, is that the low pressure system is FURTHER SOUTH than the weaker LP’s it’s shown before. That has me worried – about the models. Usually, a stronger low pressure system means a tighter pull towards the north pole (which in turn pulls the storm more north). However, it is possible that the models are just now getting a handle on the high pressure system in Canada, and predict a deeper air mass. Whatever is going on, these latest models should be taken seriously because they show some pretty interesting stuff going on over the next couple of days.

Check out the NAM. This is around 7AM Monday.



WOW! That’s a mess around here. We could be talking about some pretty significant ice and snow accumulations with this. Here is an animation of the precipitation types for this model



Blue = Snow | Red = Ice/Sleet | Yellow = Frzg Rain | Green = Rain

The GFS still has this storm too, all the ingredients are here folks. I am going to attempt a first call for snowfall. I’ll do one for ice too, but later and with more data.

Here’s my FIRST CALL this can CHANGE.



I’ll update first thing in the morning! Please share the blog on facebook, twitter etc.. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I’ve never seen your site before! I’m glad I found it!

  3. I like the map I hope we don’t get no snow but I’ll take just a little bit

  4. Very nice blog! I will add you to my daily check list!

  5. great looking blog and nice job on your first call-makes sense

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