Posted by: wxryanhall | February 21, 2014

Winter Returns Next Week

Hey guys I had some power issues this morning so I couldn’t really post on schedule but everything is back up and running now so here we go.

Here at my house, we actually had some minor wind damage last night with the squall line that went through. A large piece of fencing that encloses our pool was ripped off and carried into the driveway landing on one of our vehicles! Other than a few scratches, the vehicle is fine but I’m assuming it took a gust of wind over 55 MPH to cause that ruckus!

There were only a few official reports out of Eastern Kentucky yesterday… Here is the SPC image for 2/20/14

So what’s next?


Clouds from this storm system will move out from east to west by the afternoon and make way for mostly sunny skies. Winds will still be gusty at times, especially early. Expect a high temperature of around 48 degrees. As we head into the night hours, skies remain clear and we dip down into the upper 20s for the low.


Sort of a “recovery wave” from the LP to our north gets lodged into our area on Saturday. This will keep the skies clear and warm us up a bit. Expect a high near 58 degrees in Saturday. The night time low will be near 35.

Sunday also looks to be clear. The storm system moved through here at a different pace than what what we were expecting, that’s why we are still talking about decently warm temps through the next few days but I promise they won’t stick around.

Check out what the NAM is showing for Monday: I think we could see a little rain and snow mix with this. It could get really organized with that piece of energy in SC – if that happens we could be talking about a winter storm, but that’s for another post.


All the way through next week the cold air is battling with the warm air trying to make it’s way back south. I think we will see some chilly temps next week, nothing major, but just a reminder that winter is not over.


Thanks for reading guys, if you don’t mind please share my website – I’d appreciate it thank you.


  1. I’m done with winter ugh

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