Posted by: wxryanhall | February 20, 2014

Severe Storms Tonight

Thursday is here and I think we’re gonna squeeze out another day of warm temps! Expect highs near 70 today as we head into the afternoon hours. We can thank the big storm system to our west for supplying this warmth, but it should be noted that the high temps today will serve as rocket fuel for the big boomers tonight. Expect showers and maybe a few storms before noon but after that clears out I think we will see a decent period of warm, sunny skies.

Also, after we make it through the storms tonight, tomorrow will be a little cooler, but it may be our last day above 50 degrees for a while!

So, about tonight, there is an increasing possibility for a severe weather event tonight here in the mountains. A very strong cold front will move through East Kentucky tonight and with it will be a very strong line of thunderstorms. The prime time for these storms to hit will be between 9PM and 2 AM. So if you live towards the west like near Somerset, expect to be hit by the squall line around 8-9PM, however, if you’re farther east in Pikeville will have to wait until midnight or later.

What are the main threats with these storms? Check out this image I made.

daylight forecast

Know that I only threw the mention of hail in there as a precautionary measure, this storm will mainly be wind driven with little hail.

If you see severe weather in your area make sure to use the “submit a report” tool here in The info will be relayed to weather stations all over the area.

Lets take a look at what the SPC has for us in their convective outlooks.

As you can see, an area from the Gulf of Mexico to central Ohio has been selected by the SPC to be in a “slight risk” zone for severe weather today. This includes the entire state of Kentucky. What this means is that if severe weather does get rolling today – they expect it to be within those lines.

Check out the wind outlook! The hatched area in western Kentucky is the area of greatest concern at the moment. Notice how the percentages decrease as you go east. This is because the storms will weaken as they head our way, but a lot of the storms will still be severe.

Here is the regional radar so you can track the storms as they move in. Visit the “radar” page to see more.

All in all today will be a pretty busy day and most of us here in East Ky won’t even know it until we’re asleep. Keep those weather radios juiced up just in-case of a warning and be safe.

After the storms tonight cold air slowly seeps down from the north and west. Current guidance suggests that we could be in a very cold pattern for quite some time so don’t get used to the awesome temperatures today.

Check out how cold the GFS is a week from today!


I’ll have more later if any watches are posted thanks for reading!


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